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Why Do You Need Self Storage in Rockford, IL?

by | Jun 15, 2019 | Self Storage in Rockford IL

Americans buy and keep a lot of stuff. A self-storage facility can help you house all of those items. But rental costs can be high: Is it worth it to rent self storage in Rockford IL so you can keep things you rarely see or use? If you’re a pack rat, take a long, hard look at what’s going into your storage unit. Financial expert say they spent more than $18,000 over a decade to store stuff worth only a fraction of that amount. Don’t follow this example!

Instead, turn to these 10 tips for how to save:

Get more organized. It’s true that time is money, and going through all your stuff is a chore. But do you want to be paying rent on junk you’re never going to use again because you were too lazy to sort it out? Take a weekend, and cull the clutter. You’ll feel better and save money. Hint: If you haven’t touched it in more than a year or forgot you even own it, odds are you don’t need it.

Sell or donate stuff. If you’ve got a lot of property in good condition that you no longer need, maybe a yard sale is in order. Too much bother? Donate goods to charity.

Weigh replacement costs. Some people keep everything, thinking, “I might need this someday.” Others purge so zealously they toss or sell stuff — especially furniture — that they’ll end up buying again. Be realistic, because either mistake can be costly.

Rent the smallest space you can get away with. Storage units come in various sizes. Practice your real-life Tetris skills and see what fits in there. You can always upgrade if you need to. If you’re looking at long-term self storage in Rockford IL, you probably don’t need to leave space to access and reach everything, so pack tight. Put the stuff you’ll need to pull out soonest closest to the door.

Store with friends or family. If you know someone with extra garage space, ask if they’ll share. They might be more receptive to the idea if you offer to pay a few bucks a month — still cheaper than the commercial option. Better yet, maybe you have something they can borrow and use until you have space to reclaim it.

Compare with cost of living space. Sometimes, storage space makes the most financial sense. If you have to upgrade to an apartment with another bedroom to store your stuff, $50 a month for storage space beats a $200 per month rent hike, to say nothing of the hassle of moving. If you’re living in a condo or townhouse with a homeowner’s association, ask if they have storage space for rent — it might be cheaper than public self storage in Rockford IL units.