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Fast Facts on RV storage in Rockford, IL

by | Jan 14, 2020 | RV Storage in Rockford IL

Have you thought about adding boat or RV storage to your metal self-storage facility? Or maybe you are trying to decide what types of storage to offer in a new facility and boat/RV storage is under consideration.

Adding boat and RV storage in Rockford IL is a profitable opportunity. Boat and RV ownership is on the rise and today’s owners aren’t willing to leave these expensive toys out in the weather. They want and need safe, quality, premium storage space made just for them and they are willing to pay for it.

Modern building standards also make it much easier to build closer to the community instead of having your facility be relegated to the industrial areas because the steel and building industry meet higher standards than in the past.

Here are some considerations to make for adding that new revenue stream to your storage business.


Before buying property or hiring a contractor for an add-on, knowing the self-storage-related zoning requirements for your particular property will keep you out of hot water and even save you some grief down the road.

Many zoning ordinances determine the gauge of steel to use as well as dictate some or all of the site layout and building design. Zoning may also require specific colors or architectural features.


As you dream about your new metal RV storage, give thought to the overall design, not just of the building but of the site as a whole.

First, a bit of information. Most RV storage in Rockford, IL are 55 feet long and 8 feet wide, not including those huge 16-inch mirrors on the sides. The average height of an RV is 10 feet plus the satellite dish, air conditioning units, ladders. Boats are obviously much smaller.


  • Avoid narrow drive aisles, blind curves, and narrow bay entrances
  • Require 45-foot or larger drive aisles
  • Appropriate turn radius

As you can tell by the dimensions, RV storage in Rockford, IL are rather unwieldy to drive. Narrow aisles, blind curves, and narrow bay entrances will translate into expensive repairs for you and for your customers. Make sure the drive aisles and at least 45 feet and provide the turn radius as follows:

  • Inside – 35 degrees
  • Middle – 45 degrees
  • Outside – 55 degress


Besides appropriate aisle width and turning radius, you want to make sure the unit itself is tall enough, wide enough, and on fairly level ground.

  • Eave height no less than 14 feet 6 inches (Industry standard is 14 feet but a few extra inches may save you some trouble)
  • Bay width at least 10-12 feet with a 14-foot doorway
  • Address site slope

A steel canopy, which we will talk about later in the post, fairs better on slopes and you can match the parking with the slope. The unit must be level on the inside to prevent the vehicle from bottoming out. A stepping building or sloping slab can be used on a sloping or uneven ground but, as we stated earlier, the slope needs to be 1% or less for a firmly closed door.


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