• Storage

  • Drive-Up Storage

    Whether you are selling your current home or
    have just run out of space, BoxedUp Self-Storage is the place to store extra stuff or
    free up garage space.

    • Family Heirlooms
    • Motorcycles or Bikes
    • Jetski’s
    • Lawn Care Equipment
    • Furniture
    • Seasonal Gear
  • Climate-Controlled Storage

    These units offer the same environment one would see in their home. We recommend this type of unit if you are storing furniture or other valuable goods. The temperature changes of Illinois winters and hot summers can damage electronics, wood, leather, fabrics and clothing. Since all these units are indoors, there is minimal worries about the pests, rodents or air borne dust you might experience in outdoor units. There is an additional cost for these units, but the cost of replacement or damage may far exceed that amount.

    Climate-controlled storage units are popular among:

    • Customers who prefer to store their belongings in a house-like setting rather than a garage.

    • Pharmaceutical representatives, antiques dealers, and those with electronics, artwork or other valuable items who require a climate-controlled environment.

    • Businesses that like the climatized environment for excess inventory or business goods.  

  • RV/Boat Storage

    Contact our Rockford & Poplar Grove locations for fenced & secured parking spaces for RV's, cars, & boats.